What does a Certified Nursing Aid (CNA) do?

A Certified Nursing Aide performs duties as an individual in a crew of patient carers, including healthcare doctors and RNs. Certified Nursing Aids execute tasks to assist healthcare doctors in tending to ill patients, normally the elderly.

A Certified Nursing Aid’s responsibilities generally make sick patients worry less so that they can have a more acceptable quality of life though they aren’t feeling their best or unable to complete typical day to day jobs.

What does a Certified Nursing Aid need to know how to do?

what are the daily tasks of a Certified Nursing Aid? A Certified Nursing Aide’s primary tasks help improve the quality of regular living for the ill patients under their supervision. Normally, patients under the supervision of a Certified Nurses Assistant are elderly.

There’s not one but two levels of CNAs: CNA-I and CNA-II. A CNA-I normally takes on responsibilities that demand just standard Certified Nurses Assistant training, but they are still important and vital. CNA-Is usually do jobs such as:

  • Sustain a sanitary patient area – changing sheets, cleaning bedpans, etc.
  • Bathing patient carefully and properly – making certain patients are clean, for their wellness and relaxation
  • Keeping data and documenting services – writing activities in a care journal, such as emerging warnings or reactions.
  • Assisting their patients into and out of the bed area – many patients have trouble getting out of bed, therefore they require some help.
  • Acquiring and tracking of patient’s vitals – ensuring that the patient isn’t negatively reacting to medication or even developing new conditions
  • Aiding to provide meals and beverage for pateints – many elderly people that require the care of a Certified Nursing Aid are not able to feed themselves, so a CNA may aid them.
  • Looking for and protecting against bedsores – any person that is in their bed for hours on end is susceptible to unpleasant bed sores, and CNAs move patients to prevent sores from developing.
  • Understanding problems and warning medical doctors – if completely new problems emerge, the Certified Nurses Aid may be the first to notice and inform medical doctors
  • Identifying any responses – detecting unfavorable side effects of the patient’s care, and informing doctors or dealing with the situation by themselves, if they are able to.
  • Attempting to keep the the patient comfortable – keeping the patient’s area comfortable while they are being cared for by a CNA Nurse
  • Promoting patient flexibility – shifting their patient’s arms and legs through a total range of flexion to ensure they are moving

A CNA-II must do the jobs that a CNA-I can do, but a CNA-II has taken additional schooling to perform more specialized tasks. The tasks of these “level-two” Certified Nursing Assistants can include:

  • Employing more sophisticated equipment – starting oxygen therapies, checking oxygen flow, and so forth.
  • Conduct nasal and oral suctioning – taking away mouth mucous buildup if the patient is unable to do it independently
  • Handling fecal impactions – sorting out an obstructed colon when a patient cannot use the toilet themselves
  • Delivering tracheostomy care – forcing another airway in the event patients can no longer breathe
  • Carrying out sterile and clean dressing and bandage adjustments – cleaning and disposing of dirty dressings and bandstages
  • Taking care of I.V. equipment – Constructing and sluicing IV lines, overseeing flow rate, removing I.V. therapies, and so forth.
  • Providing ostomy care – taking away a patient’s wastes when they’ve undergone an ostomy
  • Setting up feeding tubes – after the equipment is set up by LPN, a CNA is given the task of executing the feedings.
  • Catheterizing – executing catheterizations and replacing catheter tubing

These tasks and duties of a CNA drastically improve the total well being of any person undergoing any sort of therapy and rehabilitation…and a superior CNA Nurse can make a significant difference to an individual who is under care. Consider your grandmother, your mum or some other cherished one that could need to be in a care center and under care. Think about just how much these duties of a CNA could help them. Take into consideration how it might comfort and ease your family members, to discover that your own family is receiving wonderful care and attention while they are sick.

The duties of a CNA, every little thing a Certified Nurses Aid must do, will have a profound effect on the well being of a patient, and the comfort of that person’s entire family.

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